GULLFOSS | Workstation Kitchen Sink Kit with Digital Temperature Display & Lighting Adjustable Waterfall Faucet - SKS2306

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The SKS2306 is constructed with a nano-coated, fine-line brushed finish to ensure maximum durability and resistance to chipping, cracking, and burning. It is also designed to support a range of accessories, creating a flexible and multifunctional workspace that streamlines everything from meal prep to cleanup.

  • Two elegant waterfall faucets with adjustable angles, you will discover that the chore of cleaning becomes increasingly effortless.
  • Revolutionary surface nano-coating process for enhanced durability against water and oil stains, wear, and scratches.
  • Real-time digital temperature & LED display for precise cleaning at the optimal water temperature without the need for batteries or electricity.
  • High-quality pull-out faucet with multiple water modes for effortless dish cleaning.
  • Inclusive features: drain basket, metal tray, and a double-side cutting board for enhanced kitchen efficiency.
  • Offset drain design to increase workspace in the sink and provide additional storage space underneath.
  • Added convenience with a glass rinser and soap dispenser during your cleaning routine.
  • All-in-one solution with a water purifier faucet, eliminating the need for an extra faucet and simplifying installation.(*water purifier system not included)

⬇️ Specification Sheet(PDF)

  • Installation type: Drop-in
  • Material: 18 Gauge Stainless Steel + Nano-coated
  • Exterior dimensions: 29-1/2'' (750 mm) x 18-1/4'' (460 mm)
  • Interior bowl dimensions: 27-3/4'' (700 mm) x 13-3/4''(350 mm)
  • Bowl depth: 9-1/16'' (230mm)
  • Packaging size & weight(Sink&Accessories): 810 x 508 x 270mm 12.60kg (27.7 pounds)
  • Packaging size & weight (Faucet): 830 x 260 x 150mm 5.55kg (12.23 pounds)

What's in the package?

  • Kitchen Sink *1
  • Multiple Outlet Modes & Waterfall Faucet *1 (With Glass Rinser Function)
  • Water Purifier Faucet *1 (Water Purifier System Not Included)
  • Soap Dispenser *1
  • Drain Basket *1
  • Metal Tray *1
  • Double-side Cutting Board *1
  • Drain System *1

Product Details

Two Adjustable Waterfall Faucets

When a kitchen sink boasts not just one pull-out faucet, but two elegant waterfall faucets with adjustable angles, you will discover that the chore of cleaning becomes increasingly effortless.

Digital Temperature & LED Display

Battery-free, automatic activation of real-time temperature and LED display when water flows, allows for efficient cleaning at ideal water temperature.

Multiple Outlet Modes Rotatable Faucet

Switch seamlessly between three water flow choices at the press of a button: aerated stream, sweeping flow, and a powerful boost.

Glass Rinser & Soap Dispenser

Provided for added convenience during cleaning.

Anti-scratch Nano-coated Surface

This SKS2306 employs the prevalent nano-coating and delicate honeycomb embossing, providing enhanced water and oil stain resistance, with superior durability against wear and scratches.

Drain Control

Turn the knob for seamless water storage or drainage without the need for hands-on drain cover removal.

Water Purifier Faucet

Simply install the water purifier without adding an additional water purifier faucet.

*Water purifier system not included.

What's in the package?

Kitchen Sink


Water Purifier Faucet

Soap Dispenser

Double-side Cutting Board

Drain Basket

Metal Tray

Drain System

Frequently asked question

This sink is constructed from premium food-class stainless steel with nano-coating surface.

We suggest to install this sink as drop-in.

To attach a garbage disposal, please make sure the flange fits the sink drain hole, the exterior diameter of the drainage hole is 110mm.
Then remove the original drain system from the sink, and you will be able to attach the garbage disposal to the sink.

The faucet has a motor assembly with a turbine inside to generate electricity from water flow, displaying the water temperature.

We offer a life-time warranty, you may visit the Warranty Policy for more details.

It is recommended to clean the sink regularly and wipe it dry - after each use or at least once a day. Regularly wiping the sink dry with a soft cloth prevents scale build-up and the appearance of uneven color spots.
Do not cut food directly on the surface of the sink. Do not leave sharp objects on the surface of the sink for an extended period of time. Do not use abrasive cleaning products, sanding tools, steel wool or bleaching products.

No, it is not. Our sink does not with an Australian watermark, but apply to the pipe fitting standards.
*We don't accept returns due to this, customers should be aware of it before purchasing.

Customer Reviews

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Ladarius Thompson

Beautiful sink! Package came well packed and arrived quickly by the date chosen by UPS (paid for rapid delivery). The owner was super nice and helped during the whole process, from buying to installing.

Alene Marks

very nice sink, I recommend it, arrived in good condition, well packed .
I rate the communication with the seller very well

Frieda Spencer

Garna miyka, came at the next complex. For the Ministry of

Excellent sink! Love it

I recently bought this Gullfoss sink, and I'm impressed! The packaging was secure, ensuring everything arrived in perfect condition. Their customer service was fantastic, promptly addressing all my questions. As for the product, it's top-notch. The stainless steel construction feels durable, and the workstation feature is incredibly convenient. I highly recommend Sinkple for their excellent packaging, customer service, and product quality!

Katelynn Hilll

Buy recommended